AUDIO DRAMA is a production company specializing in narrative audio content.

Our projects include audio series, doco drama, Audio Walks, and podcasts.

We aim to bring innovation to the audio world – high-quality and narrative content in 8D technology. (Sound in eight dimensions, producing a virtual reality effect).


AUDIO DRAMA was founded out of our love for sound, storytelling, and as a tribute to the ability of sounds to spark our imagination.

Immersive Audio: Testimonials & Live Sounds of the Massacre
The Hive
An audio series about the world of crime in Tel Aviv
Google TLV Office Tour
An Educational Audio Tour for Youth in the Google Israel Offices
The power of audio is bringing imagination to life
There Is Someone Else In The Room
An audio thriller in total darkness
The Old Man and the Desert
The Story of David Ben Gurion’s Coming to the Israeli Negev