Audio Walks

Site-based narrative audio

Audio Walks

An urban audio journey

Imagine walking with a secret that only you can hear, whispered in your ears. The secret leads you as the streets reveal their hidden meaning. Reality mixes with imagination.


Walk with me is an audio adventure. Go out and experience the story through the point of view of a character who leads the listeners. Follow in her footsteps, while walking through the streets, as she reveals her story and her thoughts in your ears.

In each adventure, the listener follows a different character and story, related to the space and time in which the adventure is experienced.

can be experienced in several locations in Israel:

I Dressed up as a Stray Cat
Night audio journey in Jaffa
The Voice Of An Old Memory
Audio walk through Mahane Yehuda market, Jerusalem
An urban audio journey in the heart of Tel Aviv

Walk with me has modular capabilities, that allow the possibility of telling a story of a certain area or character and delving deeper into them.

It is important for us to create an experience that will integrate with the time, place, and humans that are unique to each location.


Therefore, each project requires us to do in-depth research, which allows us to give the listener an authentic experience.


Walk with me gives the listeners a historical dimension while conveying it in an experimental manner, thereby resurrecting aspects that are usually hidden from the eyes of the typical visitor and revealing new and hidden places and experiences.

How does it work?

Walk with me is a project based on audio only.

Listeners arrive at the starting point with a smartphone and headphones, enter a code that gives access to the audio and the map, and press “play” to begin and experience the adventure.