I Dressed up as a Stray Cat

Night audio journey in Jaffa

I Dressed up as a Stray Cat

Night audio journey in Jaffa

“…they saw in their dream a woman running at night through an unknown city

They only saw her from behind. A naked woman with long flowing hair.

They dreamed of chasing her…”


Put on your headphones and go for a mysterious night out full of sound in the depths of the Tel Avivian night of Nissim Aloni.

A young man emerging from prolonged isolation walks the city streets in search of a woman from a dream. We walk with him through the city’s alleys in a series of real-imaginary encounters with nocturnal characters, and with one street cat, who seems to know too much…

When reality merges with imagination, sanity with insanity, and truth with lies – another reality will be revealed to our ears, the secret reality of night.

A three-dimensional (8D) sound experience immerses listeners into the world of Nissim Aloni, who presents Tel Aviv as a fantastical wonderland full of colorful characters.



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* You must bring a (charged) smartphone and your own headphones.
Tour’s starting point: 2 Nechama St.,  Tel Aviv (in front of the building’s entrance, between the Jemma restaurant and Cafe San Remo)


Participants: Gilad Kleter, Alexa Lerner, Doron Tavori, Ori Yaniv, Dor Michaeli, Avi Azoulai, Alexander Sandrovich, Tom Antopolski, Eyal Ibshin, Tal Peleg, Amit Varshavski

Cinematography and video editing: Noa Livnat


Produced for Gesher Theater, Jaffa

The length of the tour is about 45 minutes. The tour is unguided, you will walk independently using the map.

The full route map is on the audio – player website page

#This is a night tour. It is recommended to start only after sunset.