Binaural Audio

What is 8D?


8D, or by its professional name- Binaural Audio, is an audio recording technology that was developed at the end of the 19th century. It is a simulation of true-to-life human hearing, consisting of simultaneous reception of sound through both ears at 360 degrees.


Binaural audio technology simulates the human ear, by recording using two microphones built according to the structure of the human ear. The relativity created between the two microphones and the signal received by each of them in relation to its position, affect the signal and creates an acoustic illusion, which allows listening to the recorded material as it sounds in reality – in three dimensions and in the same relativity as a human would hear in real life.


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AUDIO DRAMA is the first company in the world to make use of Binaural Audio technology in the field of narrative content, in its series “The Hive” (2021).


The company makes use of technology by applying the new capabilities and possibilities it has developed and uses the binaural recording equipment, to create an allusion of a listener that is present in the action. To create the audio experience of 8D the scenes are staged on[1]  dedicated audio sets and the binaural microphone is used on the set as a reference for the listener’s ears.


Please notice! In order to listen to the 360 ​​degree effect, you must listen to the 8D binaural audio recording using headphones only.


Watch “Kan Digital” explanatory video, in which Or Matza, CEO of AUDIO DRAMA and the pioneer of 3D audio in Israel, explains and demonstrates the possibilities and uses of this fascinating technology.